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Counceling Section

The mission of the Student Counseling Section is to help students develop personal awareness, life skills and aid them in overcoming personal problems,

including students’ psychological growth and learning as part of their education. We provide academic, career, and personal/social support to all students.

In addition, from the perspective of our specialization in students counseling, we seek to upgrade and enhance student support and counseling systems

throughout the university, conduct outreach in partnership with relevant organizations Individual counseling sessions, self-help resources, group counseling,

consultation, classroom presentation, and workshops on various topics are offered on campus. 

We deal with a variety of issues, including the following:

lMatters concerning learning, psychological issues.

lAdjustment to college.

lAcademic confusion & indecision.

lInterpersonal relationships or attitudes and personality-related issues.

lDifficulty coping with emotions

lCompulsive or addictive behaviors on substances.

lFamily difficulties.

lDrug abuse

lDepression / Stress Management

lGrief, Loss, Separation

lRape/Sexual Assault

lSexual Orientation & Gender Issues

lSuicide prevention

If you need guidance :

Located in Activity Center 1F

Contact us: (04)711-1111, EXT 1433143514391440