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There are five units under the Office of Student Affairs—the Life Guidance Section, 
Counseling Section, the Extracurricular Activities Section, the Sanitary & Health Section,
Service Learing Section . Their job descriptions are as followed:

Life Guidance Section
1. Establishing and managing basic student data.
2. Processing data regarding to students' leave and absences.
3. Recording and managing student reward and penalty records.
4. Processing students' applications to postpone levy recruitment.
5. Processing students' scholarship applications.
6. Assisting class advisors in handing student incidents.
7. Counseling students who live in the dormitory or off campus.
8. Counseling students on self-protection.
9. Counseling students on traffic safety.
10. Promoting doing volunteer working to offset penalty records.
Counseling Section

1.Matters concerning learning, psychological issues.
2.Adjustment to college.
3.Academic confusion & indecision.
4.Interpersonal relationships or attitudes and personality-related issues.
5.Difficulty coping with emotions
6.Compulsive or addictive behaviors on substances.
7.Family difficulties.
8.Drug abuse
9.Depression / Stress Management
10.Grief, Loss, Separation
11.Rape/Sexual Assault
12.Sexual Orientation & Gender Issues
13.Suicide prevention
Extracurricular Activities Section

1. Planning and carrying out student club activities
2. Supervising and assessing student club activities
3. Advising and managing Student Government
4. Assisting in carrying out the advisory system.
5. Planning school wide events.
6. Processing student financial aids and loan applications.
7. Assisting in releasing school journals.
Sanitary & Health Section
1. Health consultation.
2. Offering medical care service five times a week
3. Monitoring the nutrition and sanitation of the food supplied by the restaurant
4. Promoting student health education
5. Promoting blood donation
6. Monitoring the safety of drinking water.
7. Designing, promoting, and supervising sanitary education.
8. Issuing sanitary education certifications.
Service Learing Section
1.Designing and supervising labor education.
2.Planning the labor service schedule for the freshman.
3. Maintaining a clean campus environment.
4. Assisting in maintaining the campus landscape areas.