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Based upon the educational philosophy of CTU, “Spirited, Exceptional, Outstanding”, we emphasize the cultivation of both technological skills and virtue, and to foster a holistic education with equal emphasis on moral (virtue), intellectual (wisdom), physical, emotional (team work) and aesthetic education.

 The management objectives of the Office of student affairs are to provide platform for students to display their vitalities, promote self-actualization of students, create a friendly, safe, outstanding campus.

There are five units under the Office of Student Affairs—the Life Guidance Section (including the Dormitory), Counseling Section (including the Resource Room), the Extracurricular Activities Section, the Sanitary & Health Section, the Service Learning Section. Our job dimensions include helping students to adapt to campus life, taking care both student’s mental and physical health, giving guidance to extracurricular activities, student government, manual training, service learning, etc. We play an important role in comprehensive student guidance and character education.